About Persephonie Ncredible

Dear Customer,


I am London based Designer creating original handmade erotic lingerie, fetish costumes and  one-off  jewellery pieces.

My  idea is to transform women into beautiful Goddesses and Fetish into something playful, erotic & sensual.

I officially created Persephonie Ncredible in February 2016. However the creative works begun sometime in 2013 when I tried to create simple cage bra for myself but instead discovered world full of trimmings, colours and creative ideas. For first two years I worked only for myself, driven by passion & love without any further plans. In February 2016 I decided to share my interest with public and got really good feedback. Since then many amazing events happened which helped me to pursue my dream and create my own Lingerie brand.

Outifts made by me are elastic, adjustable and appropriate for all curves.

I often use vintage and antique materials, which are giving my creations dreamy touch.

I create original limited collections however I am also open to custom orders and collaboration.

Please feel free to send me a message if you are interested in any of the above.

I hope you will like my work and that I can soon create something original and truly amazing for you!

With Love

Monika Tomcalova

Founder of Persephonie Ncredible




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24/09 Dark Play Party - Fashion Show, Bratislava

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